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Korea Global Medical Tourism Expo 2012 NYC

Welcome to Korea Global Medical Tourism Expo 2012 New York!
We are pleased to present Korea Global Medical Tourism Expo in the United States. The medical tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in healthcare throughout the world. Global medical tourism market is expected to hit $100 billion by 2012.
South Korea is seeking an active role in a booming global medical tourism. Korea Global Medical Tourism Expo 2012 is uniquely composed to promote Korean healthcare services and facilitators in the United States.
Korean healthcare industry has been underestimated in global medical tourism market because of the late entry into the market even though it has diverse and affordable World Class hospitals and clinics. For example, Severance Hospital in Seoul is the world’s largest JCI accredited facility offering 2,000 beds and full international patient services.
The show will focus on revealing the key Korean medical players and providing an exclusive direct marketing opportunity connecting exhibitors to highly motivated not only Korean Americans, but also mainstream Americans on location.
Through Global medical tourism, Americans can save up to 70 percent on the medical expenses, disregarding travel expenses.  It is irresistible option not for uninsured patients but for insurers who pay the medical costs for policyholders.
More than 2 million Korean American market-many uninsured- will be the threshold leading Korean healthcare providers to reach the mainstream American market.
Every year, more Americans are seeking international medical services to flee the high cost of medicine at home. According to a 2008 study by Deloitte LLP, more than 750,000 Americans traveled abroad for outbound medical care in 2007. By 2012, U.S outbound medical tourism could reach up to 1.6 million patients.
In fact, approximately 50 million uninsured Americans are expected to join this medical exodus. The United States makes up the largest emerging market for medical tourism in the world. Now it is high time to take initiative leading role in the U.S medical tourism market for international healthcare providers.
Educational seminars and network meetings will establish long lasting business among the people who join in this event with a clear vision and a firm belief.
Visitors can get a firsthand experience on Korean healthcare service through the various programs at the venue.
Our dynamic show will surpass your expectations. It will change everything about your business in the near future. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

Since 1982, the Korean Produce Association has held the Korean Harvest Festival in NYC.  This year, the Korean Harvest Festival will be held at Randall's Island Park for two days in early October.  Initially, the event was created for Korean Americans who were nostalgic about Korea.  Currently, the Korean Harvest Festival has grown exponentially, with Korean performing artists and celebrities performing in a concert, drawing in over 200,000 attendees (both Korean Americans and mainstream Americans).  The Korean Harvest Festival has become a venue to promote Korean culture, food and agricultural products to the U.S.  The Korean Harvest Festival serves as a venue for major U.S. and Korean firms to promote their products & services to attendees.  The Korean Harvest Festival has established itself as the largest Korean American event in the U.S. catering not only to the Korean American community but to everyone in the NYC metro area.  The event will be covered by major Korean media outlets in the U.S. and in Korea.